Latest work and Activations

Case Studies

Bluesfest 2018 + Bluesfest Touring

BRIEF: Increase Bluesfest visibility and ticket sales to a youth audience.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: A score of shareable content at a time where ticket sales were in focus. This included long-form features, viral videos and more, selling Bluesfest to an audience which they had yet to capture.

RESULTS: Happy Mag has become a go-to media partner for Bluesfest and Bluesfest touring. 500,000+ video views, 250,000+ page views to Bluesfest website, 1,500,000+ impressions over the campaign’s duration.

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Young Henrys 2018

BRIEF: Increase Young Henrys’ visibility to an engaged youth and music audience.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: A year-long campaign delivered at a critical time in the brand’s growth. This included product at Happy Mag events, coverage of key initiatives, plus product placement in ongoing photographed interviews and Live At Enmore series.

RESULTS: Young Henrys has grown to become a household name within the Australian live music space. 500,000+ video views, 6 branded events, 100+ branded photos, and constant media attention over a 12 month period.


42 Below

BRIEF: Highlight 42 Below brand activation at Subsonic and Return To Rio music festivals.

WHAT WE DELIVERED:Two branded suites of professional photography at Subsonic and Return To Rio. An additional, highly shareable editorial feature was also created.

RESULTS:Over 100 branded photos and a greatly increased brand visibility in festival season.




Fender - California Series

BRIEF: Promote Fender’s new California Series range.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: 2 filmed studio performances with artists Alex Lahey and Sloan Peterson, plus symbiotic editorial coverage and digital advertising.

RESULTS: 56,000 combined video views, 200,000+ advertising impressions, 60,000+ editorial impressions.


VIVID 2018

BRIEF: Put on an event as part of Vivid 2018.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: Happy Mag’s first photographic print issue was launched at The Lady Hampshire Hotel with six live music performances and a week-long art exhibition. The event was at capacity.

RESULTS: 2,000,000+ total campaign impressions, 1,200 event responses, 250 printed magazines given away on the night.



Splendour In The Grass 2018

BRIEF: Promote visibility and tickets sales for Splendour In The Grass.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: A combined digital/native content campaign including advertising, editorial, filmed performances, professional photography, and more. Additional coverage was conducted on-ground at the festival.

RESULTS: 1,000,000+ total campaign impressions per year. Happy Mag has a 100% client retention rate since beginning work with Splendour In The Grass.