Who Is Happy Media?

Happy Media's network directly connects with thousands of arts and music lovers aged between 18-35 every single day.

Publishers and Creators

From brand partnership events to all ages gigs and workshops, Happy and their news team speaks the language our audience trusts and understands.

Bespoke Partner Events

With a proven track record of over-capacity shows and one-off activations, an event partnering with Happy Media plugs you directly into the artists, influencers and culture we've cultivated over a number of years. Having filled venues all across Sydney, we've firmly established ourselves as live music tastemakers, consistently delivering some of Australia's most talked-about lineups.

Engineering the Sound

Every morning Happy reports the news our audience wants to hear, engaging thousands of people each day. In a two-to-three minute segment streamed live to Facebook, Happy Mag's daily news offers hyper-consistent coverage upon one of our most recognised and most viewed channels. From the day's best new music releases, to big issues that impact culture more broadly, Happy's daily news segment is curated carefully to peak interest in our online audience.

An Original Happy Media TV Show

Music Life is Happy Mag's weekly online television show. With interviews, news bulletins, long-form video features, and live performances, Music Life brings together all of Happy's best multimedia content into one program. Hosted by Happy staff, the show is a cohesive series of segments that dig deep into big topics, shine a light on emerging artists, and welcome guests from across the music industry.

Content Verticals

Happy Mag's annual NZ Week is an entire week of online content dedicated to New Zealand’s incredible catalogue of artists, musicians, labels, and businesses that foster and support creative communities. Already, we include NZ artists in our tastemaking processes - from opening entries to our Needle In The Hay vinyl comp to New Zealand, to regularly profiling and covering the nation’s artists - but for one week every year, New Zealand becomes our primary focus.

Complete In House Production

With a world-class recording studio and production space in our arsenal, Happy Media's in-house creative team is able to regularly publish top-quality video content that's engaging, dynamic, and highly sought after. These include our Live At Enmore studio sessions which have featured live sets from some of the country's biggest and best touring artists, our EQ video segments which take an in-depth look at some of music's greatest myths, our Happy Places video series, and much more.

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Reaching A Loyal And Engaged Audience

Happy is a leading tastemaker & influencer in emerging music, art and culture providing our partners access to a young, progressive and culturally tuned-in audience.




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Recent Work

Here are a few recent projects and what we delivered for our partners.

Bluesfest 2018 + Bluesfest Touring

BRIEF: Increase Bluesfest visibility and ticket sales to a youth audience.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: A score of shareable content at a time where ticket sales were in focus. This included long-form features, viral videos and more, selling Bluesfest to an audience which they had yet to capture.

• 16 x Editorial Features (Pre-Event)
• 1 x Event Review
• 5 x Facebook Video Shares
• 2 x Instagram Posts
• 10 x Weeks of Onsite Banners
• 6 x Newsletter Ad Placements
• 2 x Solus EDMs

RESULTS: Happy Mag has become a go-to media partner for Bluesfest and Bluesfest touring. 500,000+ video views, 250,000+ page views to Bluesfest website, 1,500,000+ impressions over the campaign’s duration.

Young Henrys 2018-2019

BRIEF: Increase Young Henrys’ visibility to an engaged youth and music audience.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: A two-year-long retainer campaign delivered at a critical time in the brand’s growth. This included product at Happy Mag events, coverage of key initiatives, plus product placement in ongoing photographed interviews and Live At Enmore series.

• 40 x Editorial Features
• 20 x Branded Video Content
• 10 x Branded Event Partnerships
• 16 x Instagram Posts
• 20 x Weeks of Onsite Banners
• 24 x Newsletter Banner Placements
• 8 x Full Page Print Ads

RESULTS: Young Henrys has grown to become a household name within the Australian live music space. 500,000+ video views, 10 branded events, 100+ branded photos, and constant media attention over a 24 month period.

Ableton: Sydney Sounds

BRIEF: Organically integrate the Ableton brand and software into Happy Mag video content.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: Sydney Sounds is an ongoing series in which local artists record sounds on-location and release them for free use. Happy Mag documents the process.

• 5 x Sydney Sounds videos
• 10 x Native Features
• 5 x Downloadable Sample Pack hosted on Happy

RESULTS: The Sydney Sounds series has a combined 50,000+ video views and the Ableton Live sample packs have been downloaded over 1,000 times.

Fender - California Series

BRIEF: Promote Fender’s new California Series range.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: 2 filmed studio performances with artists Alex Lahey and Sloan Peterson, plus symbiotic editorial coverage and digital advertising.

• 2 x Branded Video Content
• 1 x Branded Event Partnership
• 2 x Instagram Posts
• 3 x Editorial Features
• 2 x Weeks of Onsite Banners
• 1 x Full Page Print Ad
• 1 x Newsletter Banner Placement

RESULTS: 56,000 combined video views, 200,000+ advertising impressions, 60,000+ editorial impressions.

VIVID 2019

BRIEF: Put on an event as part of Vivid 2019.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: Happy Mag’s annual Photo Issue was launched at The Marlborough Hotel with 20 performing artists, unique light installations, and a week-long art exhibition. The event was far beyond capacity.

• 1 x Event Curation and Execution
• 1 x Photography Competition and Exhibition
• 1 x Photography at Event
• 1 x Videography at Event
• 3 x Branded Video Content (Pre-Event)
• 18 x Editorial Features
• 12 x Instagram Posts
• 4 x Weeks of Site Takeover Banners
• 8 x Weeks of Onsite Banners
• 8 x Newsletter Banner Placements
• 4 x Weeks Sydney Poster Run
• 2 x Solus EDMs

RESULTS: 2,000,000+ total campaign impressions, 2,000 event responses, 4,000 attendees throughout the night, 300 magazines given away.

Kraken: As It's Told

BRIEF: Capture a hard-to-attain summer market for The Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

WHAT WE DELIVERED: As It's Told, a three-part branded video series following three creatives treading the path less travelled. As It's Told was supported by extensive editorial, social, newsletter, and digital activations.

• 3 x Branded Video Features
• 6 x Editorial Features
• 3 x Instagram Posts plus Story features
• 10 x Weeks of Onsite Banners
• 10 x Newsletter Banner Placements
• 3 x Solus EDMs

RESULTS: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum achieved a tidal wave of visibility comprising over 100,000 video views and 2,000,000 social impressions during a classically quieter period for the brand.

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